Shopi Order & Inventory Hub

av Shopi Retail Technologies

Sell Anywhere, Fulfill from Anywhere, Accept Return Anywhere

Shopi’s Order & Inventory Hub is a cloud-based omnichannel order management platform that optimizes operational efficiencies by creating a seamless cross-channel experience. It unifies the inventory from all channels in a single place and gives real-time visibility into inventory, order, and fulfillment across the operation. With the ability to integrate with the existing systems and automated fulfillment capability, digital transformation is accelerated and customer demands are met efficiently.

Accurate Order Processing

Have an in-depth look of your orders from purchase to delivery. Get the most accurate data of where the order is based on the order status and manage the process of picking, packing, and shipping from a single point without any friction.

Exceptional Order Fulfillment

With a customizable business rules dashboard, choose your operation’s priorities while fulfilling an order and let the smart algorithm find the most optimal location that minimizes fulfillment cost and maximizes customer experience.

Real-time Inventory Visibility 

Managing and balancing inventory is another aspect to consider when operational efficiency has aspired. Order & Inventory Hub keeps your ERP and Ecom in sync with the store inventory and enables accessibility from anywhere to not lose the chance of selling.

Business Intelligence

Keep track of your performance in real-time and access business-critical KPIs including order level, revenue, returns, payment types, and more just with one click to have better insights into your operation.

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