Shopi Store Hub

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All-in-One Store Platform

Shopi’s Store Hub is a cloud-based retail operating platform that empowers operation including store associates and warehouse workers to create a smooth shopping experience for customers and maximize sales volume through easy-to-use applications. Store Hub improves operational efficiency by optimizing the store inventory processes and maximizes customer experience by helping the sales associates access all customer-related information and all relevant info about the merchandised products while allowing them to complete a very fast and seamless checkout right away without leaving the customers’ side. Store hub also facilitates easy management of all inventory-related transactions with a single mobile app.

Next-generation mobile point of sale

Give your associates access to the full product catalog through the mobile app and display any required information including customer data and product detail in seconds. Sell the inventory of other stores if the item isn’t available in the store and complete checkout in seconds without leaving the customer’s side. 

Personalized customer experience

Provide your customers an exceptional shopping experience by monitoring their buying behavior, purchase history, and personal information. Send them recommendations, looks they might be interested in, and book appointments to provide the best service possible and to increase your customer lifetime value.

Actionable analytics 

Get elaborated data including store associates' performance, total sales, top-selling products, and more. Let advanced analytics provide forecasting and predictive reports to guide you for informed business decisions.

Enhanced Store Fulfillment 

Check stock availability of all stores and fulfill the order without any friction while providing multiple fulfillment options. Customers can place orders from any store and associates pick, pack, ship the orders right away in the most convenient way possible. Navigate the most complex fulfillment scenarios with the tip of your finger.

Optimized store inventory processes

Control inventory processes until it meets store shelves properly thanks to Shopi’s Operations solution. Approve inventory receiving, transfer inventory through channels, cycle count, print labels, receive incoming orders, and distribute to the proper location with Runner.

Easy return & exchange  

Run your return & exchange processes automated and respond to all scenarios properly. Meet your customer's exchange request in various ways. Returns are no longer a pain point for retailers with Shopi’s Operations; approve the return, repack the item, print a label, ship it, and done! 

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