AI Tele-Rehab & RPM Solution- Post COVID Care

ForaHealthyMe Inc.

Manage all aspects of care from pre-op assessments, through surgery, discharge and remote rehab.

Once the direct impact of COVID-19 has passed, the effects from deferred care will create new challenges for individuals & the healthcare system could increase annual costs in the US to between $30 billion and $65 billion.” McKinsey & Co - Sept 20.  

The AI Tele-Rehab & RPM Solution for Post COVID Challenges running on Microsoft Azure delivers low-cost, all-in-one comprehensive care tools to address the complex needs of patients with musculoskeletalcardiologyneurological and cognitive impairment issues, and those in need of treatment from COVID-19 long-haul issues.  

COVID-19 introduced new challenges to patient care as inpatient admissions were greatly reduced and outpatient therapy was discontinued. Video calls are in-efficient, ineffective and costly.

Unlike standalone applications, the AI Tele-Rehab & RPM Solution improves patient health outcomes and reduces medical costs by empowering healthcare providers with timely, intelligent data and tools to make informed decisions. 

A remote care team can manage all aspects of care (physical and mental) from the moment of diagnosis, pre-surgerydischarge, and rehab by using the integrated functionality of the AI Tele-Rehab & RPM Solution.

Pain Points  - 

COVID-19 will continue to disrupt health care delivery for the foreseeable future. The pandemic led to: 

  • Reduced access to care for non-COVID-19 related patients. 
  • Cancelled or delayed surgical procedures have resulted in backlogs and poor health outcomes. 
  • Post-COVID-19 patients are expected to have high needs for physical, psychological, and cognitive rehabilitation (long-COVID).  

Using the AI Tele-Rehab & RPM Solution for Post COVID Challenges, hospitals, specialty clinics, rehab centers, long-term and home care delivery organizations can extend treatment beyond the walls of the facility. 

Tools include Remote MonitoringGamified Virtual Coaches, Biometrics & Assessments & Virtual Consults.  Long-COVID patients will require long-term support, therapy to achieve better outcomes. ForaHealthyMe AI Tele-Rehab & RPM Solution has demonstrated a clear value between increasing patients’ access to careimproved outcome, and cost reduction. 

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