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GainX Platform


Predict, manage, and measure the impact of transformation

GainX patent-pending software solutions leverage AI technology and advanced network design theory to provide Boards, senior executives and managers with intuitive tools, dashboards and relevant real-time metrics designed to competitively deliver:

  • multi-million/billion strategic portfolios
  • global resource, cultural and digital transformation
  • deeper (more profitable) insights into acquisitions and faster, optimized mergers

GainX customers can predict the impact and ROI of their transformation spend across all business units and strategic portfolios before and during execution. Executive dashboards are responsive and designed to enable “what-if” scenarios for smart, fast, data-driven decisions.

The GainX platform visually shows you where the flow of strategic information (and the impact and progress of your transformation strategy) is within your organization and where it might be sidetracked or stuck. The platform identifies your “clay layer” and the associated losses and costs by country, within lines of businesses, departments, teams, even at individual levels. See exactly how successful your transformation is progressing – day to day, month to month.

The Gains & Benefits for You:

  • Eliminate the loss in profits associated with Restructuring. GainX identifies the best resources for restructuring and helps you optimize your remaining resources without jeopardizing your portfolio or profits.
  • Organizational health analytics based upon team dynamics, lines of business, cross-functional coordination, inter-communications. Know where the best place is to deliver each and every strategic project.
  • Portfolio risk and progress reporting at a level bespoke to your role that typically adds up to savings of 10 hours per reporting cycle, per team.
  • Predictive talent analytics including flight risk, corporate brand risk, long term talent gap analytics with data-driven recommendations to optimize current strategic resources. GainX identified $30MIL in savings in just 7 days for a customer.
  • Recommendations on transformation strategy effectiveness, progress, adoption, and consumption with accelerated knowledge sharing and information flow (employee engagement improves 10 –35%).
  • Increased productivity per employee on the platform (3 -7% in just 6 months).