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24edu is a modern education platform integrated with popular online tools such as Microsoft Teams

Designed to meet the needs of schools, education systems, and government entities, with 24edu you can create classroom teams in minutes and easily connect them with Microsoft tools, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency.
Experience the convenience of automatically generated documents like PDF catalogs, student files, and reports, streamlining administrative tasks.
Boost your productivity with simplified grading and attendance processes, even calculating averages automatically.

24edu key features:
  • Automatically generated documents:
PDF catalog with grades and absences
Student’s file (grades, absences, exemptions)
  • Real time notification for parents on their phone
  • Automatic generation of school timetable
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and G-Suite
  • SIIIR (Romanian Ministry of Education System) Connectivity & Synchronisation;

24edu key benefits:
  • Better communication between parents, teachers and students
  • Time saving for teachers, who can focus more on effective teaching
  • Enhanced teaching and learning experiences

Customer feedback:
"With 24edu, I experienced a remarkable improvement in my communication with both students and parents. This powerful platform enabled us to effortlessly generate all the necessary reports, ultimately saving us valuable time." – Claudia Bădărău, Deputy Director at Ion Maiorescu National College
"It is a very useful, easy to use and friendly app for teachers." – Dana Bobocea, Principal of Grigore Moisil National College

24edu was introduced in 2014 by i-Tom Solutions, an experienced player in the business IT field since 2006, with a notable business achievement of 976.152 Euros in 2022. As a close-knit team, we thrive on challenges and are driven by our passion to discover innovative solutions that streamline processes across various sectors, including business and education.

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to efficiency! Experience the power of the 24edu platform and revolutionize your educational processes! Join us now!

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