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The conception, introduction and implementation of a Continual Adoption platform for Microsoft 365

Insight supports customers and their workforce end-to-end with the conception, introduction and implementation of a Microsoft 365 Continual Adoption platform. Supported by an Adoption & Change Management team in all phases.



1.            Insight consultants will implement and configure Nulia Works with our partners. Nulia Works is platform-based and a brand-new way to drive digital skills development in Microsoft 365 through a continuous user-focused system of usage measurement, personalised guidance, and rewarding engagement.

2.            Insight Adoption and Change consultants will run a workshop with key stakeholders to understand business needs

3.            Insight will conduct an Employee Sentiment Survey to help create business outcome documents with aligned KPIs.

4.            From the outcome document and the Nulia Works Actionable Insights data collected, Insight will report back to the stakeholders and develop and deploy:

     a.       Communication Plan

     b.      Champions Plan

      c.      Training Plan

     d.      Sponsorship Plan


5.            Users will have access to Nulia Works - the first of its kind solution that provides the “what’s next” for each user based on their actual usage of Microsoft 365, giving users the confidence and tools to enhance their job functions.            

6.            Insight’s ACM consultants will provide ongoing support for the adoption of Teams and Microsoft 365, enhancing the return on the client’s investment.

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