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The Learning Management System For Next Generation Education

As a social learning space, WinjiGo provides all the tools to involve students, teachers, parents, and school admin in an engaging learning experience.

WinjiGo supports educators in increasing learner engagement across different academic levels through point-based badges and different collaboration tools. WinjiGo’ s Course Leaderboard keeps learners engaged by displaying the top learners in the course based on the number of points they accumulated through their earned badges. Points can be awarded for both academic and non-academic achievements. Such an approach empowers educators to monitor, motivate and improve the learner's 21st-century skills and prepare their learners to lead the next generation to be able to work beyond the class walls and make our world a better place.

Addressing the life of the modern world, WinjiGo' s user experience is extended across different devices and can be accessed from desktop machines, laptops, and tablet devices, anytime and anywhere.

The most important function of any learning management system is to support learning as it happens – i.e., through a combination of formal, social, and experiential learning. Traditionally, learning management systems have been used as a primary means to deliver formal learning. For instance, an LMS makes it easy to automatically assign e-Learning onboarding courses to students, track their progress, and evaluate their level of knowledge.

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