Sonetto® Product Promotion Toolkit


Drives sales through compelling cross-channel promotions and loyalty that protect margins

Customers are not only sensitive to price; they are also demanding greater personalisation in the offers they receive – they expect far more compelling, targeted promotions that reflect their lifestyle.

Maintaining consistent pricing and promotions across channels has always been a challenge for retailers. Now there is the additional need to offer far more compelling, targeted promotions with higher perceived value to consumers. The challenge has become more complex, with the need to avoid errors that affect the bottom line becoming ever more critical.

While price sensitive segments always exist, other target segments that are interested in promotions in line with customers’ lifestyle are increasing. These segments are well informed, connected and expect to be rewarded, not only on the transaction but also on customers social network activities.

Sonetto® PTK delivers a centralised console to manage promotions across all physical and digital channels and regions.  The solution provides high agility in seamlessly creating complex promotions. With the award-winning visual interface and large number of promotion templates out of the box. Sonetto® PTK is at the heart of some of the most challenging global retail operations, managing and evaluating promotion eligibility and loyalty in real time across all channels.  The solution delivers highly targeted promotions for channels, date, time, segments, regions, cities and stores.

Sonetto® PTK extends your promotional and loyalty capability and improves your agility whilst maintaining accuracy and consistency across channels.

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