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Service Desk Sentiment Analysis

NIIT Technologies Limited

Cognitive services like user sentiment analysis and intelligent routing for managing service desk.

NIIT Technologies Ltd. is a leading global IT solutions provider, applying in-depth domain expertise in BFS, insurance, and travel and transportation industry. We help clients achieve real world business impact with digital, cloud, data and automation technologies. We leverage our expertise and capabilities to help clients envision and reimagine the new cloud paradigm and overcome challenges like imprecise feedback mechanism, productivity lags, and quality issues. At NIIT Technologies Ltd., we help enterprises effectively utilize cognitive technologies. Using these technologies we provide our customers - user sentiment analysis, intelligent routing and contextual knowledge. Benefits from our service desk sentiment analysis include cost optimization, agent productivity, and change management.
NIIT Technologies Ltd.'s Service Desk Sentiment Analysis uses artificial intelligence to define the tonality of the end user through text mining & analytics. The solution also audits the  voice and accent quality, resolution accuracy, and process adherence to provide quality output. We leverage Azure cognitive services for bringing emotional intelligence to service desk. The key differentiators for our solution are 50% reduction in average call time and 100% auditing of calls along with on-time automated reports. 

INDUSTRY FOCUS: Insurance, Banking and Financial Services and Travel, Transportation and Hospitality, Manufacturing

  • AI led solution to audit 100% calls and timely automated reports
  • Access to dashboard with call insights, improvement scale and comparative analysis
  • Analysis of pictures and videos, converting speech to text to natural sounding speech, and processing of natural languages
  • Accent neutralization and feedback mechanism resulting in reduced human errors and biases
BUSINESS USERS: CTO, Lead architects, program managers, delivery heads, product heads, CIO