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Johnson Controls Enterprise Management

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls Enterprise Management: A data-driven approach to proactive building management

Powerful analytics root out energy and equipment related problems 24x7. These analytics run in the background and find energy and equipment anomalies. Actionable information is provided to the customer through the Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) feature. JEM works with Metasys® Building Automation and 3rd Party Building Automation Systems (BAS) that support BACnet IP communications to provide a holistic view and insights at every space with respect to equipment operation starting from portfolio down to sub-spaces within the building. Coupled with the JEM Data Collector, it has the flexibility to integrate directly with meters using BACnet IP and is easy to configure. The application is easy to use with a built-in intuitive help feature making it easy for users to use the software. Energy Management The base software is comprised of the JEM Energy Management software which collects, analyzes, and displays information for all configured physical meters/virtual meters in a facilities operation. • Automatically collects, analyzes, and displays information for all configured physical meters and virtual meters located in a facilities operation. • Information for energy demand and consumption can be aggregated and displayed using baselines with various out of the box dashboards. Custom dashboards can also be configured to a user’s needs. • Easy to understand summary reports can be generated from the dashboard data utilizing the built-in automated reporting tool. • Proactively predicts future energy usage by employing pattern analysis allowing users to quickly and seamlessly understand the return on efficiency investments, Equipment Management (includes Asset Maintenance) The Equipment Management software collects, analyzes, and displays information of all configured equipment points. Combined with the Energy Management software, it provides a complete package for enterprise management. • The Equipment Management add-on of JEM provides the connectivity to monitor, analyze, troubleshoot and maintain configured equipment points located in a customer’s facility. • Rule driven fault detection, notification and diagnostics are displayed in a time series format with total duration of existence allowing equipment managers to easily pinpoint and fix equipment problems. • All data is displayed in easy to read dashboards and provides for developing custom equipment KPIs Asset Maintenance • Provides specific dashboards to display information on work orders, service reports and maintenance KPIs. • Users can use the information to generate and track Work Orders, check Service teams by tracking specific KPIs, allocate resources to closing tickets, and measure performance of maintenance Asset Related Work Orders etc. • JEM revolutionary analytics use main rule, diagnostic rules, work orders and service reports to assist in scheduling and performing predictive maintenance.