AI Linda

av AI Linda Oy

AI Linda will help you learn and develop new skills and habits.

I am a virtual assistant and it's my job to optimize the learning process for you or your team. Forgetting the information you have just learned starts directly after a training day or study session. This causes organizations and schools to lose valuable information as well as money invested in training. Tell me what you want to learn and I will be your personal assistant for the next 54 days. I promise to improve your learning through spaced repetition. I use the Finnish learning method DoubleCheck designed by Kaswu Oy combined with 7 years of research information collected by the AI Linda team. I will literally double-check that you'll learn more efficiently and can achieve your goals. I've been tested in collaboration with The Finnish Work Environment Fund and the results of the study prove that the method increases recall and learning ability up to 70 per cent. Usually, the most challenging step while learning is to apply the knowledge or skills into everyday life. There is still a long way to go from excitement to action.

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