Kollective ECDN for Microsoft 365 Video


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Scale Live and On-Demand Video with Kollective for M365 

Kollective ECDN offers organizations with M365 licenses a solution to eliminate bandwidth constraints across corporate networks when delivering Live Events, video on demand and software via SCCM. It uses a combination of cloud-based centralized servers and distributed client software to empower enterprises to achieve their digital transformation goals. Kollective ECDN securely distributes high-quality video content across the enterprise without affecting business critical applications or user experience.

Enterprise Video Strategy & Event Consulting

Successful Live Events require the right people, processes, and technology. Kollective’s Enterprise Video Services (EVS) team offers event coaching, training, and support to help elevate internal stakeholders to become Microsoft Teams Live Events and Stream power users.

Browser-Based Peering Platform – No Hardware Required

Kollective ECDN utilizes WebRTC technology to scale delivery of Microsoft Teams, Stream and Yammer Live Events without the need to install software or invest in added network infrastructure. It self-optimizes to learn a network’s topology, creating a mesh between viewing devices and intelligently routes data packets in real-time. By learning how to deliver live streams efficiently, Kollective ECDN ensures that no matter when a video is consumed or shared, bandwidth is automatically preserved.

Know It’s Working with Kollective IQ Analytics

Kollective IQ supplies powerful insights into content delivery, engagement and network health. These real-time analytics perfect communications and enable your IT team to easily access insights such as the event’s geographic reach and Quality of Experience as well as overall bandwidth savings and peering performance.

Self-Service Trial – Six Clicks to Success

Trialing Kollective ECDN for M365 is quick and easy – it only takes six clicks. Every trial includes immediate access to network readiness testing (NRT) and our best-in-class analytics platform, Kollective IQ. Try it on your network today, free for 30 days.  

See How Peering Works

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