Quick Start Machine Learning

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A Quick Start Machine Learning Solution

Project Objective

Entry-level Machine Learning on B2C Customer Segmentation Analysis

Our project objective is to let potential customers have a prelim taste of what machine learning can do. This machine learning customer analysis platform will take a small amount of transactional data (size like an SME retail data) to extract identifiable patterns from existing customers vs new customers' sales trends. 

The outcome of the ML Solution

Machine Learning for Customer Segmentation

  • Repeat customer & New purchaser
  • High, Medium & Low Spender based on total average purchase volume of total customer
  • Demographic (Gender, Age Group)
  • Purchase behavior (Shop Location, Product)


Data Analysis for the Sales Performance

  • KPIs for reviewing the latest sales amount, no. of transaction & no. of new member
  • Past 3 months sales trend and coming 3 months sales prediction
  • Sales distribution by shops
  • Sales distribution by age group
  • Top 10 product trend by sale amount & unit sold
  • User Acquisition Measure by Monthly Retention Rate
  • Customer Retention Scoring by ratio monthly
  • Basket Analysis (1-month free trial)

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