Teameo - Class Management, Centralized and personnalized space in Microsoft Teams

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Class Management Made Easy within personalized and centralized digital spaces in Microsoft Teams

Teameo simplifies the digital environment of your educational institution on Microsoft Teams. A simplified and self-service class management with integration to your LMS. Also, Teameo allows the creation of centralized and personnalized digital space for your students and teachers on Microsoft Teams. Give the control back to your teachers to decide how they wish to give their class!

Simplify your teachers' lives
Thanks to the synchronization between Teameo and your educational management system, teachers can easily manage their classes in just a few clicks.

Improve the user experience with a personalized and centralized space
Users will find all their tools and platforms in Teams, personalized for each profile for easy navigation.

Automate the management tasks of your personnel (synchronisation between systems)
The synchronization between your educational management system and Teameo automates registrations in Teams classes. Your teachers and administrative staff will save a considerable amount of time

Personalize Teameo with additional modules
    1. Self-service Moodle class integration and creation
      Moodle is integrated with the Teams platform of all members of your educational institution to allow class creation and management from the Microsoft Teams platform.
    2. Schedules and attendance
      Managing schedules and attendance in Teams classes is quick and easy for teachers.
    3. Classroom group management
      Teachers can quickly create student workgroups in Teams randomly or automatically.

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