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Manage your Microsoft 365 Edu tenant from a single hub.

ESchool Management is a tool to administer your Microsoft 365 Edu tenant. It removes the need to have any IT administration skills or experience. Using user friendly interfaces manage your school virtual environment.

Most of the educational institution have no budget for investing into IT infrastructure. If you integrated your infrastructure with Microsoft 365 Edu, ESchool Management app is perfect solution for you.


Adding students and teachers

Traditional solution: Going to admin panel and creating a user, assigning proper license, adding necessary attributes to identify the user role.

ESM solution: Going to the relevant section of our app and creating student or teacher. The app will carry the rest of configuring.

Creating Teams team for the class subject

Traditional solution: Manually creating team for each subject of each class.

ESM solution: Create classes and assign subjects, students and teachers. The system will create and configure the rest.

Moving the student from one class to another

Traditional solution: Manually removing the student from each team of old class and adding to each team of the new class.

ESM solution: Just remove the student from the class and add to the new class. The app will carry the rest.

Changing the teacher of the subject of the class

Traditional solution: Manually add and remove the teacher from each team.

ESM solution: Enter to the class page and remove or add the teacher to the subject.

Using our app will remove the need to keep the IT stuff and will help you save ton of time.

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