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Microshare Smart Washroom Cleaning

Microshare, Inc.

Cut operational costs and improve customer experience with data

Cleaning budgets are shrinking and customer demands are rising. Facilities managers are caught in a dilemma: how to deliver better service at lower cost? Competitors are winning business by making smarter decisions about allocating resources with data.

Microshare’s predictive restroom cleaning solutions deliver real-time data so you can make better decisions about how to manage your cleaning crews and supply chain. Improve productivity - let sensors monitor your space so you don’t have to be everywhere at once.

  • Number of times space has been used – clean only when necessary
  • Customer feedback on metrics you define – manage your performance
  • Automated cleaner attendance – dispense with paper sign-off sheets

Move from re-active mode to a pro-active approach to customer service.

  • Why clean a space that hasn’t been used?
  • When does a space need to be cleaned or serviced?
  • Are my customers happy?
  • How can I get the information I need – when and where I need it?

Microshare’s Smart Predictive Cleaning is an end to end solution that collects IOT data throughout your entire facility and delivers a comprehensive view in a central dashboard, to any device.

Get your Microshare Smart Predictive Cleaning Starter Kit and be up and running in a day – without IT!

  • Everything you need in the box – sensors, network, dashboards and alerts
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Cost-effective
  • Valuable data generated on Day One
  • Future-proof

    Be proactive. Get smart. Order Microshare Smart Washroom Predictive Cleaning today!