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A SaaS platform for brick and mortar marketers, shop managers and their fulfilment partners

Marketers have more options to reach consumers than ever before. New technology and digital trends allow us to develop more personalized experiences, products and services. However, they will not be effective if you do not fully control the roll-out to your brick and mortar environment.
  • How do you control a consistent brand experience considering each store’s unique characteristics?
  • How do you control operational efficiency, considering all required external expertises to get these materials in store?
  • How do you control the return on your touchpoints in place,tracking what is and is not working?

myBrand will allow marketers, shop managers and their fulfilment partners to deliver an in-store brand experience and gaining operational efficiency at the same time. 

  • Grow your revenues up to 15%:
    Realize considerable top-line growth through consistent branding & messaging across all touchpoints.

  • Lower your operational costs up to 27%:
    Achieve substantial savings from getting maximum efficiency from all resources involved.

  • Reduce release times up to 70%:
    Drastically shorten time-to-market by streamlining processes guided by automated workflows. is world’s first brand center developed specifically for managing physical brand expressions. The brand center was developed from a fresh perspective on managing brand experiences and is based on more than 20 years of experience in brand identity management. myBrand continues where other retail IT solutions, like MRM and DAM, stop. Our brand center enables marketers to take full control of delivering and maintaining the intended brand experience to all stores and, at the same time, lower operational costs and reduce cycle times. Seamlessly connecting the digital and physical brand experience, completing your omnichannel brand experience. myBrand is closing the gap between physical and digital worlds.

myBrand was founded in 2018 and includes a team of innovative IT- and brand identity professionals who share a passion for helping organizations to manage their brand experience in the real world.

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