Tribeware Platform

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Solution to effective change the behaviour of your employees in retail, sales, contact centers.

Do you want to quickly launch a new product on the market? Looking for a solution to change the behaviour of your sales team? Or do you want to implement new procedures in the Contact Centre? We provide ready-to-use motivational solutions which combine behavioural psychology science with innovative technologies.

Our platform helped our customers in:

  • Boosting sales up to 32% (top campaigns)
  • Speed up time-to-market for new product by 43%
  • Improve knowledge transfer by 65%
  • Increase in employee engagement by 95%

The platform is used by large sales/retail network, pharmaceutical companies, telecommunication companies and contact centers.

Our platform offers:

  • Campaign management capabilities for large organization and large number of employees (thousands of people). Thanks to it, internal campaigns (like introducing new products) can be organized just like Internet Actions
  • Continuous reinforcement using real and virtual rewards (using different reward schemes and patterns and targeting – different groups of employees can be rewarded using different schemes) and virtual currency
  • Benefits boutique (rewards catalogue) so that employees can spend virtual currency on real life items (tickets to cinema, coupons, mobile phones etc.)
  • Budget management that allows easy analytics and controlling of money spent on rewards and motivation
  • Gamification (rankings, competitions, leagues, badges, points, quests etc.) based on experience points
  • Social proof functionality – that allows promotion of best practices among team (sharing leaders actions with the rest of the team)
  • Micro-learning functionality – providing “learning on the job” for large number of distributed staff (short, fast timed quizzes and tests)
  • Behavioural analytics helping to craft better motivational scenarios
  • Motivational scenarios and AI

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