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Usage analytics, performance monitoring and optimization that maximizes your Office 365 investment.

OfficeExpert reveals the rich data hidden within Office 365 and empowers IT groups with better monitoring, management and decision-making capabilities. Adoption campaigns are more focused and effective when based on accurate usage data analysis. License costs are lower when proactive audits provide details to repurpose inactive accounts. Security compliance is easier to maintain with automated alerts for issues that need remediation. 

Your information stays completely secure! OfficeExpert is offered as a web-based, virtual appliance running in your datacenter or inside your Microsoft Azure environment.

Integrated capabilities include the following:

      • License Optimization - Monitor license allocations along with user activities to easily identify inactive or disabled accounts that can be reclaimed and validate that the correct license types have been deployed to the appropriate users.

      • Adoption Trends Analysis - Leverage accurate usage history to drive focused and targeted adoption campaigns by job role or department. Monitor adoption trends for individual users and send follow-up training links and promotional materials to those who still need assistance and incentives.

      • Empowers Skills & Expertise Search - Quickly identify Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in your organization based on their personalized profile information inside Teams.

      • Service Performance Monitoring - Track uptime and availability, plus response time and latency, for all Office 356 workloads.

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