Prefect Technologies, Inc.

A complete platform for dataflow automation

Prefect Cloud

Manage, orchestrate, and monitor workflows while the Hybrid Model keeps your code and data private.

Cloud UI

Cloud's beautiful UI lets you keep an eye on the health of your infrastructure.

Stream realtime state updates and logs, kick off new runs, and receive critical information exactly when you need it.

GraphQL for ETL

Use Cloud's GraphQL API to query your data any way you want. Join, filter, and sort to get exactly the information you need.

Hybrid Execution

With Prefect's Hybrid Model, your code and data remain on-prem while Prefect Cloud's managed orchestration keeps everything running smoothly.

It's so innovative, we patented it.


Love your terminal? Kick off and monitor runs without leaving it. Realtime state updates and logs are just a keystroke away.

Cloud Scheduler

The Cloud scheduler service runs asynchronously to ensure your runs start on time, every time.

and more...

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