Prime Penguin Connector

av Prime Penguin AB

Seamless eCommerce integrations through a simple SaaS platform.

Prime Penguin is an integration platform for eCommerce retailers that orchestrates orders and product data across one or more sales channels, logistics partners, ERP’s and other related services. Connect Dynamics 365 Business Central to your eCommerce workflows today!

Why Prime Penguin?

By integrating Dynamics 365 Business Central with Prime Penguin you will be able to:

  • Synchronize product information to your 3PL or own warehouse
  • Automatically keep track of inventory levels in Business Central
  • Place purchase orders in Business Central and have them forwarded to the correct warehouse
  • Place sales orders and automatically route them to the correct logistics provider
  • Automatically convert sales orders to invoices when they are fulfilled
  • Automatically create invoices for orders in other sales channels

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