PUG Gamified Engagement

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Simply better loyalty via best-in-class gamification and engagement

Are you a consumer brand looking to reduce churn and drive more profitable revenue?

Your current approach to loyalty may just be hurting you more than it is helping you.

There’s a better way to build unbreakable brand-customer customer relationships and improve your business outcomes.

The PUG Gamified Engagement App leverages the power of the Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub to instantly turn Microsoft solutions into a richly interactive user engagement experience.

It comes with out-of-the-box integration to enable the first phase of a comprehensive and personalized gamified engagement program for driving customer loyalty.

Picnic™ makes it easy to define, gamify and reward a wide range of complex customer actions--both online and in the real-world. Picnic™ uncovers the secret world of user engagement psychographics, helping you understand and motivate your communities more effectively to inform your strategic decision-making

Immediate Benefit - A more loyal, engaged, and profitable customer base

Since 2008, PUG’s Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub has delivered next-generation enterprise benefits, such as:

  • Average call-to-action response rates of 45%, maximizing ROI, opt-ins and loyalty. That’s an improvement of 3X over typical.
  • Average repeat participation rates of 65%, driving community engagement and brand loyalty. That’s an improvement of 4X over typical
  • Deep and non-linear engagement produces unparalleled levels of actionable, customer segmentation
  • Powerful insight reports evaluate outcomes and success metrics, enabling targeted and continual improvement across the customer journey

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