Reverie end-to-end Indic Language Localization

av Reverie Language Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Content Localization of Digital Properties

Reverie’s Language-as-a-Service (LaaS™) platform & voice suite provide comprehensive language solutions such as content conversion, engagement through text or voice based Indic input as well as multi-lingual search & discovery.

Reverie’s LaaS™ is built to be context and domain aware and is available for 11 major Indian languages.

Websites, portals, mobile apps, customer communications like SMSes, notifications can be localized by transliteration & localization APIs.

Transliteration APIs convert person's name, brand names, and addresses - real-time.

Reverie’s Localization API is based on proprietary Natural Machine Translation engine and is supported by a localization marketplace to ensure high fidelity output content.

Indic text & voice based input facilitates multi-lingual search & discovery on digital properties as well as virtual assistant or chatbots, thereby improving customer engagement.

Reverie supports on-cloud deployment for greater solution flexibility as well as on-premise deployment for sensitive data security.

Reverie’s LaaS™ platform is highly scalable – more than 2 billion words have been localized on the platform. Reverie’s solution has mass footprint with more than 120 million user reach with multiple partner deployments such as eNAM, BHIM, Ola, Vijaya Bank, etc.

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