Illuminar Experiences


Intelligent, natural language search of web content or documents, for agents or customer support.

Illuminar Experiences are the fast and easy way to generate 30% greater productivity in your contact center while delivering a more empathetic customer experience. We enable companies to easily convert their vast product info, policy documentation, or other content into a structured knowledge base that can be searched conversationally, with natural language. The right knowledge can be served up in a natural and empathetic manner at any customer touchpoint - digital, mobile, IVR - speeding and improving the customer's experience.  The same knowledge can be served up to contact center agents at the point of contact - by phone, chat, SMS, email - increasing their productivity and allowing them to focus on the customer's need rather than finding the right info.  Companies can build and execute these Illuminar Experiences using our our no-code toolset, collaborative support, proven templates, and knowledge transfer.

Illuminar Experiences are built on the RozieAI platform, a no-code set of tools that help companies deliver empathetic customer experiences faster and more easily than you ever thought possible.  Illuminar Experiences are built using RozieAI Illuminar™ and RozieAI Experience Studio™. 

RozieAI Illuminar™ transforms unstructured content from across your organization into a single, unified knowledge base—letting your customers and/or contact center agents access exactly the information they need, when they need it, whether it resides in a website, manual, policy document or meeting notes. Illuminar goes far beyond simple keyword searches, leveraging machine learning and natural language capabilities to understand users’ questions and pinpoint the