User Awareness Training - Microsoft and Terranova


Industry-Leading User Awareness Training Leveraging Real-World Phishing Intelligence

Satisnet are excited to offer to all Microsoft E5, ATP2, and E3 customers a powerful Phishing Training program for all users within an organisation to improve the understanding and awareness of the ever-increasing risk of Phishing Attacks. This enlightening solution is world-leading, designed to provide a realistic and cost-effective means of tackling one of the biggest threats any industry face, in the world today.  The collaborative approach between Satisnet, Microsoft and Terranova Security has proven unique in delivering a much-needed technology for tackling Phishing Attacks. 

Satisnet can show you how Phishing Attack risks can be greatly reduced using a leading technology  approved by Microsoft as their Phishing platform of choice to help their customers deliver powerful Awareness Training for all end users.
With straightforward implementation and an easy-to-use interface you can quickly modify your training environment with simple, intuitive controls, customisable logo, and colour branding to personalise the learning experience. Seamlessly create, launch, and monitor security awareness and phishing campaigns using scheduled Phishing Attacks on your users. The results are truly stunning!
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