Search365 Knowledge Miner


Knowledge Miner for Intelligent Chat Bots

Search365 Knowledge Miner eliminates all the challenges that exist today in creating and maintaining Chat Bots. Search365 Knowledge Miner eliminates manual Q&A data curation by leveraging the best in AI / ML and text analytics to talk directly to your documents, policies and procedures, in near real time, to provide the right answers to your customers and employees questions.

Organisations have told us that customers and business users love the ability to use Chat Bots, however they require a significant investment in manual people resources both to create and maintain the data sets required to support the Chat Bots. Furthermore, in many cases there are thousands of users relying on the Chat Bots to give them accurate reliable answers, and our clients have found that delays in maintaining these data sets represent enormous risk to the business, whilst ever the data is not up to date and people are relying on answers that are no longer relevant.

Search365 Knowledge Miner eliminates these risks and in doing so, also eliminates costly and ineffective traditional Change Management procedures that are deployed to attempt to keep all employees up to date with the latest changes to Policies and Procedures. It does this by simply relying on users to ask questions through the Chat Bot, at which the most current relevant answers will be provided, with direct access to the document, the page and the paragraph that provides the answers so that the user can make the final determination, if their question has been answered correctly.

Clients may choose to access Search365 Knowledge Miner via API, or Search365 has established partnerships to deliver an end to end Search365 Knowledge Miner powered Chat Bot solution for your business.

Search365 Knowledge Miner is valuable to any client or industry sector that is highly regulated or where compliance to Policies and Procedures, is of high importance. Valuable use cases include Banking, Insurance, Mining, Utilities, Health and Construction sectors where application of Safety Standards or Medical Procedures are of high importance.