Seequent Central

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Visualise, track, and integrate your geoscience data with Seequent Central

Bring teams and data together 

Seequent Central is a geoscience model management solution that helps you visualise, track, integrate, and manage data from a Microsoft Azure hosted, centralised environment. It’s designed to enhance collaboration between stakeholders, whether they are in the same office or the other side of the globe. If you’re working remotely, you can share your files and ideas with teams anywhere to help them make critical decisions.  

With Central, you can build a master geological or geophysical model combining the expertise of all your teams, see a clear audit trail of changes, and ensure all project files are accessible. Whether you’re a geologist, geophysicist, manager, or stakeholder – everyone is informed of project changes as they happen.  

Receive real-time notifications every time someone publishes a new file, makes an annotation,