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Segmentify Personalized Recommendations for Ecommerce

Segmentify is a personalization platform for ecommerce businesses that is powered by machine-learning.

Segmentify’s personalization solutions allow ecommerce businesses to track, recognize, and target every single website visitor and recommend products that are most likely to appeal to them based on their unique interests on multiple platforms. Personalized product recommendations make it more convenient for online shoppers to find the products they’re looking for, improving their experience. In other words, Segmentify is like a shop-assistant at an offline store who knows the customer and can give them helpful recommendations.

Personalized Product Recommendations:

Segmentify’s vision is to create a better online shopping experience by personalizing it for each visitor, thus increasing online sales for ecommerce businesses. Through machine-learning technology, Segmentify allows ecommerce businesses to recognize each visitor in real-time and make tailored recommendations before they leave the website.

It takes only five days to onboard Segmentify and begin offering personalized recommendations to your website’s visitors. In just two weeks, you’ll notice an average contribution ratio of 10%.

Personalized Emails:

Segmentify allows ecommerce businesses to retarget their customers at just the right time with engaging, personalized emails about the specific campaigns and promotions that will appeal to each one of them the most. These recommendations are based on the visitor’s previous onsite behavior, including their clicks, views, and purchase history, which walks them down the purchase funnel.

Real-time Conversion Analytics:

Segmentify’s real-time conversion analytics solution includes Trendify, Bannerify, and Insights. They ensure that ecommerce managers know about everything happening on their online store so they can make data-driven business decisions.

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