Sitecore® Experience Platform™


Easily manage content, product information, and assets in one place by putting content at the center

Create world-class personalized customer experiences 

By putting personalized content at the center of your website and web portal experiences, Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (Sitecore XP) provides the platform that 30% of the Fortune 100 use to build ultra-personalized web experiences globally.  Sitecore lets you nurture customers throughout their journey with highly targeted multichannel experiences that drive unprecedented revenue growth and loyalty. So, you can respond to your customer’s needs at exactly the right moment with a perfectly timed product offering, article, promotion, image, email, push notification, or SMS message. 

Sitecore XP delivers four powerful capabilities: 
  • Scalable content management: From small digital footprints to the largest in the world, Sitecore XP provides expansive Web CMS frameworks and features to effectively manage all your content with ease 
  • Rich data, smart insights: Sitecore XP uniquely collects and connects real-time customer data and interactions from all campaign sources, then generates real-time actionable insights for high-impact results 
  • Versatile digital marketing: Sitecore XP offers marketers and developers the freedom, flexibility, and speed to simply, and effectively engage with customers 
  • Omnichannel deliver