synfoxx®/dpe - SAP connector for the GDSN

av Systrion

synfoxx®/dpe - your intelligent connection to the GDSN network and the atrify data pool (1WorldSync)

This application is available in English and German. We also support all other data languages to provide the data to the GDSN target markets.

Immediately connect to the worldwide GDSN network without IT project and provide actual and validated product master data to all of your customers!

Companies are increasingly facing the challenge of having to provide their product information to retailers fast and in the best possible quality. As partner of GS1 and atrify, we can optimally support you in this challenge with our data pool engine synfoxx®/dpe.

With our standard connector to SAP and S4Hana we are able to provide a Ready-to-Run package to enable your connectivity within a few days only. And you do not have to install any software within your own infrastructure.

The optional Data Quality Gate feature allows you to upfront validate your data according to the GS1 validation rules and control the export to avoid that incorrect data will be send to your customers.

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