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Customizable 3D-platform to engage & convert audiences & leads

Are you looking to host a virtual event or open day? We offer the complete service.
Virtual Days is a dynamic Unified Communication as a Service Platform (UCaaS) that offers its audience mass engagement through a tailor made platform and world leading user experience.

We support all sorts of events across different industries including: Education, IT, Communications, Energy, Healthcare and Business conferences & Exhibitions. We extend our virtual event solutions for organisations in a wide variety of ways; These include recruitment, employer branding, internal HR processes, onboarding, internal career mobility, open days, training days, global fairs, and virtual office spaces. The possibilities are endless with our digital event platform.

Key Benefits:
Our services enable your business to:

  • Attract a global audience
  • Engage that audience in a unique and interactive way
  • Convert interest & leads into action & revenue
  • Measure the ROI of every activity

Key features

  • Customizable environments in 3D or 4D - Forget about typical webinar solutions, and build your own unique life-like environment, such as a replica of your physical venue or office. Custom design the virtual space with interactive booths, showrooms, branded exhibition halls, and moving avatars.
  • Matching Technology - Our algorithm matches the users’ profiles with the right exhibitors/businesses/areas of interest.
  • Live interaction - Engage the audiences with live interaction tools like chat, video and networking features, as well as meeting scheduler options right in the platform.

We take pride in offering a quality service to our clients. Hosting 100s of events we have the experience to partner with you in your journey into Virtual.

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