Virtusa ATLAS Cloud Discovery


ATLAS Application discovery tool for Azure migration, support Agent and Agentless discovery

ATLAS, a Data centre discovery and Cloud Migration tool is capable of 1) Discovering server and inter-dependency information in the datacentre, 2) Configuring target cloud foundation (VPC, Subnet, Firewall et all) which can be used for generating Terraform code for Infrastructure automation and 3) Migrating the workloads to Azure in a seamless manner in a quick time. ATLAS uses Kubernetes Architecture, which enables different microservices to run on multiple pods in a single cluster. ATLAS addresses the core challenges that enterprises are facing when embarking on the cloud  migration journey. ATLAS is Cloud Agnostic and supports all CSPs. ATLAS supports agent and agentless discovery. It discovers the Port information, VMs as well as physical servers. ATLAS can be deployed as a  Virtual Appliance. Augment outside discovered data and get the aggregated visual representation on a Topology view.

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