Wiiisdom Ops for Power BI

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Automate testing for datasets and reports and streamline analytics governance workflows.

Wiiisdom Ops for Power BI automates dataset and report testing, and streamlines your analytics governance workflows, helping you minimize risk exposure and build trust in data and analytics.

With Wiiisdom, anybody can build, run, and schedule comprehensive tests directly in the cloud to validate datasets and reports are accurate. In addition, Wiiisdom accelerates regression testing for content lifecycle events, Power BI updates, and database migrations. Finally, Wiiisdom deploys content to different Power BI workspaces, delivering a complete AnalyticsOps experience that increases confidence in data-driven decision-making.

  • Test and Deploy Content at Scale. Automate testing for Power BI datasets and reports to proactively and continuously identify quality issues. Leverage integrated workflows for content lifecycle management to streamline deployment across development, testing, and production workspaces.
  • Catch Errors to Minimize Risk. With a few clicks, effortlessly build and run comprehensive tests to validate that Power BI content is accurate. Easily comply with governance, business, and regulatory requirements. Document test results for accountability and trend analysis.
  • Build Trust in Data and Analytics. Maximize the value of data and analytics investments by ensuring Power BI content is accurate, recent, and reliable. Increase confidence in data-driven decision-making by implementing AnalyticsOps for Power BI.

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