Zylinc Novus


Online switchboard with Teams presence, Exchange calendar and Azure AD sync


Novus is a cloud-based communication-platform, developed for companies with a high volume of inbound calls. Born in the cloud but build on our experience from hundreds of clients. 

The system was built in Microsoft Azure using best practices and industry standards, to ensure optimal availability and stability. End-users access the system through a web-based interface in order to both handle calls and/or configure the solution. 


Receptionists will benefit from our highly efficient online switchboard and with minimal clicks, answer calls, search for colleagues, see availability information from Teams, mobile phones and calendars, and easily transfer, camp or park calls. 

Operators got a real-time-overview of all queues, wait-time, calls waiting, status information on other operators, and can send both text messages and emails. 


For users on the road and users that often leave their desk, we’ve developed a mobile app, that provides the user with access to the most essential features, like searching for colleagues, see what queue the call originates before answering, transfer and park calls, as well as queue and agent status. Our app is available for iOS and Android in their respective app stores. 


Users without the need for an interface, for searching colleagues etc., can choose any phone number on which they want to receive their calls from one or more queues. This is useful for employees working from home, in stores or warehouses. 


Customers waiting in queue, can be offered to be called back, when it's their turn. When so, the system automatically calls the customer and asks whether they are ready, they want to postpone or cancel the call. If they are ready, the call is put back in queue and will be answered by the next available agent. This provides customers with an even better experience when they contact your company, even when there are many in queue, and employees will receive the call just like any other incoming call. 


Two dashboards are provide with a brief overview and the key metrics of the day or historically, as well as an overview of all/individual queues. More dashboards are coming during spring 2021.


Novus offers an unlimited number of queues you can set up yourself as needed. New users, opening hours, phrases and queue messages, fail-over, waiting music, message templates etc. are also available for you to manage. We, or your preferred partner, can of course help you with this. 


The platform is telco independent, allowing you to use any carrier that can provide a SIP account with the relevant phone numbers included.

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