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View your team’s meeting agendas and recent decisions in Microsoft Teams

Extend the Microsoft Teams experience with Decisions, a meeting management solution that allows you to plan, organize and run successful meetings.

Simply plug Decisions into Microsoft Teams to quickly see upcoming meetings and past meeting outcomes. You no longer need to search Outlook to remember when you last met or scour your email to remember what was decided in a meeting. Through Decisions, this information is viewable on its own tab within Microsoft Teams.


• An easily accessible tab within the Microsoft Teams experience

• A list of upcoming meetings

• A list of previous meeting notes and key decisions made within those meetings

To set up Decisions, you only need your Microsoft Office 365 account.

For help, visit the Decisions Support channel.

Decisions is a useful solution for groups that meet regularly, from leadership teams to project management organizations to boards of directors. Built on Microsoft Office 365, get the most value from Decisions by activating all the plug-ins, including Decisions Meeting Secretary for Microsoft Outlook and Decisions Meeting Documents Manager for Microsoft Word. Decisions also integrates with OneNote and SharePoint without a separate plug-in.

Enabling better meetings takes more than a tool. It requires a solution that shifts meeting culture. With agenda collaboration, the Meeting Engagement Score™, and smart minute taking, meetings can be better coordinated and participants more prepared for active discussions.

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