elevateX for Universal Integration

door Elevate HR Inc.

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Connect Dynamics 365 to any third party system/service, like Payroll & Benefits Providers, LMS, etc.

Establish Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the single source of truth, eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce error rates and alleviate audit headaches. Define fully configurable connections to third-party systems or services without the burden of custom programmed interfaces 


  • Pass data needed by payroll, benefits providers, savings plan administrators, background check vendors, learning management systems, and any other downstream applications that your company uses
  • Enable bidirectional sync for vendor APIs to send information back to Dynamics for processing
  • Map Human Resources data for all global provider formats, and deliver data via APIs, flat file formats, delimited files, XML, APIs, ODBC JSON, etc.
  • Guarantee processing schedules and logs are accessible and easy to use with the intuitive elevateX UI
  • Attain secure control over your data, with options to manage data through cloud services or on premises
  • Operate within the Microsoft Power Platform (Common Data Service) or SQL databases for high-volume environments and scalability
  • Interface file generation engine delivers efficient and accurate processing
  • Flexible, fully configurable interface eliminates the need for custom programmed interfaces, reduces costly updates and changes, and simplifies data entry

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