Project for the web accelerator: 2-week implementation

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Transform your project management with a centralized platform!

The Microsoft Project for the web accelerator is a comprehensive solution designed to extend Microsoft Project for the web into a centralized project management platform. It leverages the Microsoft Power Platform model-driven app for enhanced project planning, risk, issue, and change tracking, resource allocation, and real-time progress updates on assigned tasks. The Project for the web accelerator serves as an excellent starting point for organizations seeking structured project management. However, its true value is realized when tailored to an organization's specific process taxonomy. This offering focuses on helping organizations maximize their investment in Project for the web, aligning the setup with their established project management practices.
The offer includes the activities listed below:

  • Organize the solution envisioning workshop to understand your project management practice.
  • Finalize the solution taxonomy as an outcome of the workshop.
  • Analyze the Power Platform environment for the solution deployment.
  • Create the implementation framework covering users, roles, entities and processes.
  • Install Microsoft Project for the web accelerator and Power BI pack for the project accelerator.
  • Configure the solution to meet the implementation framework details.

The outcomes of this implementation will be:
  • Centralized project management solution using Microsoft Project Plan1 and Plan 3.
  • Modern and intuitive user experience for project managers for project planning and scheduling.
  • Visibility to projects using standard Power BI reports pack (up to 24 reports)

Implementation plan
Week 1

  • Day 1, 2 - Solution envisioning workshop for organization project taxonomy.
  • Day 2, 3 - Existing Infrastructure, license assessment & procurement recommendation based on envisioning workshop.
  • Day 3 – Development, UAT, Production environment setup.
  • Day 4 – Project for the web accelerator vanilla setup.
  • Day 5 – Data model setup to match the specific taxonomy.

Week 2
  • Day 6,7 – Project for the web accelerator configuration setup to match the taxonomy and your project management practices.
  • Day 8- Power BI Report pack configuration for Project for the Web accelerator & UAT release for the setup.
  • Day 9 – User feedback session and future extension requirements.
  • Day 10– Production deployment and summary of implementation including implementation details and recommendations on further automation.

Post engagement: Our commitment extends beyond implementation, we provide ongoing support and guidance for continuous improvement. As the users leverage the system, our team will present a summary of recommendations for the next steps with a phased roadmap to maintain the system and realize the maximum value from it.
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