JOURNEY - Cloud Support Subscription Service Trial:1-Month Implementation

CollabPoint LLC

According to Forrester Research only 37% of cloud migrations provide acceptable outcomes. By coupling technical deployment with end user training and adoption we increase kpi's to closer to 80%.

Organization’s often think deployment consists only of a technical rollout to its users and Microsoft Office 365 deployment falls flat upon completion because they fail to empower their users to get the most from the new technology.

We provide a subscription service that we provide to the client on a monthly basis. It includes:

  • two hours of dedicated cloud architect time for assessment
  • Microsoft 365 license review
  • Microsoft 365 tenant review
  • strategic road mapping
  • work process and productivity improvements review
  • milestone and kpi tracking.

Advisory hours are then bundled with enough development hours to begin the digital cloud transformation, based on the road mapping at a pace and financial appetite that is comfortable with the client.

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