Power Platform Advisory: discovery and value mapping

Columbus Global

Unlock new business value: discover use cases for Power Platform tailored to your needs

The offer

"Power Platform Advisory” Offer is a series of 1-2 workshops where we help your team to:

  • Increase your understanding of the possibilities Low-Code and Power Platform offers;
  • Learn from different examples;
  • Identify concrete challenges which will be used as a basis for further discussions;
  • Rank the ideas based on business value as well as the complexity of implementing them;
  • Establish your own Center of Excellence for Power Platform..
  • Facts in short

    The workshops can be delivered globally both virtually and onsite, they take approximately 1 week and require the involvement of your business users, developers, and IT professionals. Note that business roles don't need IT knowledge to gain value from this offering. On the contrary, understanding of your current processes, operational activities​ and future requirements matter the most.

    Offering in details. Workshop 1.

    Stage 1.Intro & overview: low-code and Power Platform - what is it and what can you do with the platform? Examples that inspire;

    Stage 2.Workshop on possible solutions that would make our days better. We work individually and together to identify areas that could potentially be digitized and automated;

    Stage 3.Exercise where we rank the ideas based on business value as well as the complexity of actually implementing them.;

    Stage 4.Summary in group and vote for the most desired use cases. Next steps discussion.

    Offering in details. Workshop 2.

    Stage 1.Summary of documentation from workshop 1. Areas, pain points, and use cases.;

    Stage 2.Descriptions of solutions for use cases (technical, process, organizational). Demonstrations of use cases;

    Stage 3.Discussion of the tangible benefits of implementing the selected use cases. Revenue increase, cost decrease, risk mitigation, efficiency, etc.;

    Stage 4.Insghts on what is needed to establish a Center of Excellence for Power Platform. Plan for the next steps.

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