Dynamics 365 Dev/Extending: 3-Day Workshop

Dynamics Edge

*This course provides you with the information you need to develop and extend Dynamics 365 using Visual Designers and Visual Studio with the C# language. Delivered at your site.*

This course focuses on extension methods documented in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to develop a concise understanding of business process implementation and workflows. The course also describes how to use plug-ins. You can develop extensions for Dynamics 365 to support custom functionally beyond sales and service. The platform is a full application environment with database, application server, and client interface. This class lets you develop (extend) the product to “fit” your specific needs. ### Agenda * Module 1: Building your own Apps with the Dynamics 365 App Designer * Module 2: Customization Sitemap Navigation * Module 3: Customizing the Command bar ribbon * Module 4: Dynamics 365 new Client API object model * Module 5: Using the Dynamics 365 Discovery and Organization service * Module 6: Querying data and executing operations * Module 7: Custom processes (workflow) activities * Module 8: Creating plug-ins and working with pre-built plug-ins * Module 9: Course review