Customer Insights for Manufacturers 1-Day Workshop


Customer Insights In a Day is a hands-on overview of the solution using a preconfigured set of data designed to demonstrate the opportunities available to manufacturers using their existing data.

In just 1 day, you will see how to maximize your data and unlock insights about market segmentation, pricing optimization, service efficiency, and product quality using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. (H1)

Through data science and deep industry experience, eLogic turns on the power of Customer Insights for manufacturers, who often face streams of disparate, complex data. In this workshop, we demonstrate how to unlock market segmentation, opportunity velocity, the customer journey, and lead & engagement scoring. Our data science and deep industry experience make it possible to deliver all this in just a day. Here’s how it works:

Business Scenario Setup: - Start with a pre-defined business challenge - Experience in a trial site (participants may follow along in their own instance) - Utilize sample data sets for use in activities

Map, Match & Enrich Data to Build Customer Profiles: - Set up data connectors in Customer Insights - Map the data sets to Microsoft’s Common Data Service - Blend the data into a unified Customer Profile

Analyze & Solve the Customer Segmentation Challenge: - Are marketing efforts leading to higher close rates? - Sales activity against product mix opportunity - Digital effect on opportunity velocity - Cost of Sales vs. Direct Buy - Percent of revenue by customer

Final price determined with customer based on scope. eLogic ends the workshop by showing possible advanced capabilities with an overview of specific manufacturing examples in Pricing, Marketing, Quality, and Service.