Fast-Track Power Apps: Rapid 2-Days Custom Application Assessment


Our Rapid Application Assessment service is designed to swiftly evaluate and enhance your business processes.

Completed within 1-2 days, Rapid Application Assessment service encompasses the following key activities:

Concise Business Process Evaluation We conduct a brief analysis of your current business operations to pinpoint areas where a tailored application could bring substantial value.

Streamlined Requirements Gathering In a focused session, we gather the most critical business requirements necessary for crafting a bespoke application that aligns with your goals.

Agile Applicability Analysis We quickly assess how Power Apps, a versatile platform, can effectively address your unique business needs.

Immediate App Type Recommendation Based on your specific requirements, we promptly recommend the most suitable app type, be it Canvas Apps, Model-driven Apps, or Portals.

Roadmap Overview We provide you with a high-level plan and timeline, outlining the development and deployment process for your application.

Initial Integration Identification We rapidly identify potential integration points with other systems or platforms, ensuring seamless connectivity.

Preliminary Cost-Benefit Assessment Our service includes an initial analysis of the potential return on investment, considering licensing costs and potential operational efficiencies gained from the custom application. This insight helps you make informed decisions about your investment.

By leveraging the Power Apps platform and our expertise, we aim to enhance your business processes and drive value through efficient, tailored solutions.

About GO-ERP Based in Lithuania, Poland, and the United Kingdom, we serve clients all around the globe. For twelve years now, we have been successfully helping companies turn their future business visions into reality! We have experience in more than 25 countries worldwide projects.
Our expertise, application of innovations, and international experience enable us to contribute significantly to our clients' business success.
We take pride in being recognized as a Microsoft partner "Solutions Partner for Business Applications".

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