HCL Biz Apps - PowerProperty - 1 week assessment

HCL Technologies Limited.

PowerProperty facilitates housing providers to deliver all the relevant industry-centric processes for the Front, Middle and Back office, which are not available in standard Microsoft Dynamics 365

In the UK HCLTech Business Applications Team have specialised in serving the needs of Social Housing providers. We recognized, for each of our Social Housing engagement, we were delivering a common set of requirements. Instead of configuring these processes for each client, costing both time and money, we decided to invest in building reusable IP, which is branded as PowerProperty.

The promise with PowerProperty is to reduce the number of point IT Solutions and consolidate all workloads onto Dynamics 365 which is a single, modern, scalable, cloud-hosted platform. The benefits of this single platform, with a single database underpinning it, is a seamless journey across front, middle and back-office processes, completely eliminating data and process silos and offering a vastly improved customer and staff experience.

A few facts about PowerProperty:

  • PowerProperty provides pre-built configurations of the core Dynamics 365 functionality to deliver end-to-end ‘out of the box’ business processes for social housing organisations.
  • PowerProperty is designed and delivered using point-and-click configurations which are future-proof and upgrade friendly, costing customers less time and money to do future upgrades throughout the application lifecycle.
  • PowerProperty is an accelerator and not a finished turn-key product, this allows us to cater to unique requirements for each customer. In our experience there is no one-size fits all software option particularly for enterprise Housing customers.
  • With PowerProperty we are able to deliver projects faster and cheaper and also enable new customers to leverage best practice within Housing adopted by existing HCLTech processes customers and best practice within Dynamics adopted by Microsoft customers worldwide.
  • HCLTech has over 12 active engagement within UK housing and we are continuously enhancing PowerProperty with new processes and capability almost on a monthly basis.

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