Government Accelerator: 2-Hour Discovery Assessment


A cloud-based platform built for Public Sector teams to streamline processes and deliver better services leveraging Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator is a cloud-based platform built for Public Sector organisations, allowing users to streamline processes and deliver better services more efficiently with the Microsoft Power Platform.

By leveraging the full capabilities of Microsoft Power Apps, we can help your team deploy ready-built applications and processes to solve common challenges. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator gives you:

• Pre-built blueprints for solutions to common functions • A common data model to unify information across departments • Standardised and quickly deployable service applications • A sample customisable resident portal • Pre-built front and back office programmes

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government accelerator data blueprint, you can quickly develop a standardised government data schema, improving interoperability and time to value while unifying and shaping your data across applications. With a shared understanding of the data, partners and developers accelerate their time to value to deliver mission-focused solutions for government agencies.

It’s made for organisations that require a robust and secure platform – built on a common data platform - to manage operations and deliver services to people.

To understand how and where this might fit your organisation – as each is different – HSO recommends undertaking a business process assessment (BPA). This is a methodical evaluation of your processes to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. From here, our experts will develop a roadmap for process optimisation.

The assessment can help identify areas where automation or technology can be used to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. It is a crucial first step in any process improvement initiative and can provide insights that lead to significant gains in productivity and profitability.

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