BRIKHousing: Rent Accounting_


BRIKHousing: Rent Accounting_ manages the complex task of recording and monitoring all credits and debits against a tenant or leaseholder rent account as well as all Sub Accounts.

This includes automated payment uploads for direct debits, housing benefit or managed universal credit benefit payments or from third payment providers such as Allpay.

Dealing with residents who owe money can be complicated, particularly when calculating technical arrears. The rent accounting module makes it easy to follow best practices and adheres to your specific rules when managing any tenancy accounting scenario.

Crucially, BRIKHousing: Rent Accounting_ works seamlessly with your finance system. This ensures everything is connected, making your rent accounting more effective and organisation more productive.

This solution is designed for deployment on existing or new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or Power Apps implementations. Leveraging all the flexibility and capability of the Microsoft platform whilst providing a robust and feature rich rent accounting process.

Housing Association Challenges_

  • Changing government policy: the Department for Levelling Up and the Housing and Communities decision to apply a 7% ceiling to social housing rent increases.
  • Keeping up with agreements: making sure all appropriate charges are applied to the property and tenancy agreements.
  • Centralised data for more informed decisions: lack of quality data which is readily available, and able, to inform and support business decisions and effective policies.
  • Cost of living crisis: managing residents who are struggling with higher living expenses and uncertain incomes.
  • Increased processing costs: Housing Associations are battling with rising operational expenses across the board.


  • Centralised data for faster decisions: centralising your data to enable you to be more responsive to resident needs, making better decisions - faster.
  • Streamline processes: streamlines processes, reduces manual data entry, and eliminates redundant tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Make more informed decisions: better decision-making by delivering real-time insights into key performance indicators.
  • Automated processing: removing the manual action from your payment handling process. This frees up time for staff and your residents reducing the amount of manual finance admin required.
  • Multiple Direct Debits per rent account: Making sure you can securely process multiple direct debits for one rent account.

Key features_

  • Multiple rent and charge types: different rent and service charges based on property and tenure type.
  • Access full charge history: holds a full history of charges in addition to the current lettable charges.
  • Consistent Statements: Producing rent statements on an ad-hoc basis or automatically as required.
  • Sub-Accounts: Setting up one or more sub-accounts linked to a tenancy.
  • Payment Plans: Setting up and managing payment plans for your residents and automatically calculate the length of time to clear the debt.
  • Predictive data management: calculates whether tenancy is on plan or off plan after considering tolerances.
  • Net balance production: calculates the balance after taking into account technical arrears.
  • Void loss tracking: allowing you to track empty properties and the costs accrued.
  • Microsoft 365 integration: seamless SharePoint integration for document storage and retrieval.
  • Multiple start dates supported: Tenancies can be started at any time and payment cycles e.g., Weekly, monthly etc. can be applied to the account based on tenancy type.
  • Payment protection: Payments Uploader allocates payments to an account. If no account can be found it will transfer to a suspense account and then payments can be manually allocated.
  • Full integration of Rent Setting: links to Rent Setting for rent and service charge creation and uplifts.
  • Full data visibility: Comprehensive Dashboards, Reports and Trend Analysis as standard.
  • Integration to Finance Solution: Native integration to your D365 Finance Solution or 3rd Party solution via file transfer.

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