Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: 1 Week Workshop


In a week, you can have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights providing you actionable information about your customers from a variety of different data sources.

Acquiring new customers is significantly more expensive than retaining current customers. This is why we help companies focus on learning about their existing customer base to deliver the experiences that keep them coming back.

Demonstrate customer information value and insights with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, a leading customer data platform, via the Cognizant Customer Insights Workshop. This one-week workshop demonstrates proof-of-value by delivering an integrated database that maps, matches, and merges customer data to produce more accurate digital customer profiles, enabling targeting with relevant promotions, products and insights - that can enhance the service experience and reduce customer turnover.

Workshop Outcomes

Overcoming obstacles to customer insights is critical to organizational success. Our Customer Insights Workshop will help you with the following business goals:

  • Elimination of data silos by leveraging hundreds of pre-built connectors to extract customer data from your operational systems including ERP, CRM, or POS applications.
  • Create a true customer 360 view with built-in AI to resolve and match customer records. Aggregated data is merged to create a “golden record” that conforms to a common data model easily incorporated by other applications.
  • Predict customer churn through pre-configured machine learning models that predict customers’ behaviors so you can provide personalized experiences that promote retention and value.
  • Improve data quality by proactively identifying and resolving data quality issues through unified views of customers and prospects.


Our team of experts will provide a series of questions about the existing data sources in your organization to allow us to prepare for integration We’ll also ensure that you have the proper licenses. Finally, we’ll ask for any sets of business KPIs that are already being measured.


We’ll begin by reviewing with your core team the base functionality of Customer Insights and the types of learnings that can be gleaned from the environment. Next, we’ll work with your team to finalize the KPIs you’re looking to see. Finally, we’ll agree the relevant access controls.

Weekly Tasks

Over the course of a week, we’ll connect your Customer Insights platform to the relevant public and private data sources. We will also integrate with your PowerBI platform for reporting. The goal of our efforts during the week are to provide as many pieces of critical information as we can given the time duration.


Because your business isn’t static: the items you are measuring and reporting on shouldn’t be either. Given the short duration of the effort, there may be more complicated sources to connect that require additional time, or data normalization, to be accurate. We'll work with you on a roadmap to get there.

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