Power BI Fundamentals Training: 1-day or 2-day Course


A rigorous 1-day or 2-day Power BI training course for aspiring report developers and data professionals. Facilitated by Certified Microsoft Delivery Partner, SkyPoint Cloud.

Power BI Fundamentals Overview

Power BI Fundamentals is a rigorous 1-day or 2-day training course for aspiring report developers and data professionals seeking to hone their skills in Power BI. The class is instructor-led and paced as a group.

The course is designed to walk you through each important capability of Power BI and provide you sample situations to practice your skills. The goal is to build “muscle-memory” for Power BI best practices on report creation and data transformations.

You will learn how to:

  • Follow report and data visualization best practices
  • Transform your data with Power Query
  • Write basic DAX calculations
  • Build an analytical data model

Power BI Fundamentals (2-day) Course Agenda:

Day One – Basic Report Building

  • Introduction to Power BI development stages
  • Introduction to data visualization best practices
  • Building a chart driven report using best practices
  • Lunch
  • Building a table-driven report with conditional formatting and drill through
  • Introduction to publishing
  • Data wrangling primer (extract, clean, and load two Excel tables)
  • Q&A

Day Two – Data Wrangling and Modeling

  • Review of Power BI development stages
  • Accessing Data Sources (Excel sheets/named-ranges, CSV files, and folders of workbooks)
  • Basic transformations of data sources (date/text parsing, filtering, pivoting)
  • Lunch
  • Intermediate transformation of data sources (joining, appending, and data structures)
  • Introduction to dimensional modeling
  • Setting relationships and building simple DAX measures
  • Q&A

Pricing Details:

This course can be offered as a 2-day comprehensive course, or a 1-day condensed course. The 1-day condensed version is meant specifically for organizations that either want to focus on "Basic Report Building" (Day 1 content), or "Data Wrangling and Modeling" (Day 2 conten).

  • 1-day course: $4,500 for 10 students, then $250 per student
  • 2-day course: $9,000 for 10 students, then $500 per student

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