Power BI Connector: 3-Wk Implementation

Slalom Consulting

Utilize your API to enable quick insights & enhances your product’s visibility to your customers with the Microsoft Power BI Platform

Slalom can work with you to build a Power BI Custome Connector. By the end of the engagement, we will help you submit a Power BI Connector to Microsoft for Certification

This will be of particular interest to ISVs and SaaS providers interested in enabling their customers to leverage Power BI with their tools.

### Agenda: Roadmap to your Power BI Connector

Week 1: Discovery
* Initial kickoff meeting to review and confirm the scope of the project
* Detailed requirements gathering; review and discuss desired functionality
* Review existing reports and analytics
* Review sources
* Talk about authentication options

Week 2: Implementation
* Develop Connector / Power BI SDK
* Build queries with no data transformations
* Build data model including business logic and measures
* Unit test with local Power BI Gateway
* Develop simple visualizations and reports

Week 3: Testing & Publishing
* Review and revise content
* Perform usability and load testing
* Submit Power BI Connector, artifacts and documentation to Microsoft for Certification process

### Deliverables

1. Power BI Connector that handles only one authentication method with limited paging and throttling
2. Technical documentation and source code:
* Queries – no data transformations will be included; data received from public APIs will be ingested into the Power BI model
* Robust Data Model – including tables, relationships, and limited measures relevant to the business context

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