D365 Fraud Protection: 4-Hr Workshop

Sunrise Technologies

Help Safeguard Your Customer's Accounts with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

It's no secret that fraudulent activity is a problem for brands and retailers.

Help protect your reputation by defending against payment fraud, bot attacks, fake account creation, account takeover, and fraudulent returns and discounts.

In this workshop, we will explore fraud in all its iterations across business models (eCommerce, brick & mortar, MLM, recurring subscriptions and auto-ship, etc.). By combining the power of narrative storytelling with financial metrics and benchmarking, this workshop seeks to help decision-makers cultivate a mental model for fraud prevention as both a topline sales accelerant, and a bottom-line profitability preserver. And while Dynamics 365 Commerce offers world-class POS, eCommerce, and call center capabilities, you can get started with Fraud Protection using the data and systems you already own.

Who is this for?

Fraud Prevention and Loss Prevention Leaders- including Retail and eCommerce decision makers, Chief Digital Officers, Retail Store Executives, and Digital Transformation Officers

Deliverables: Participating companies will receive an ROI assessment demonstrating the monetary value of Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection and its impact on the top and bottom line. Following the workshop, companies may choose to extend the offer into a 14-day offline analysis of historical production data to further quantify the Dynamics 365 Fraud Prevention value proposition.

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