TrnDigital Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence (COE) Implementation


TrnDigital enables you to support citizen developers to drive innovation and cost savings with readiness, automation, security, & governance.

Supporting citizen developers in your organization can lead to increased innovation, faster time-to-market for applications, and greater employee engagement, as well as potentially reducing the burden on IT teams. The TrnDigital COE reference model presents the core principles of an Enterprise COE structure. It includes an intake processing system that assists users and citizen developers with their needs, prioritizes projects, allocates budgets, and nurtures citizen developers to build secure and sustainable business applications.

By establishing a Microsoft Power Apps Center of Excellence (COE), citizen developers gain access to a supportive framework (Training, re-usable assets, security guidelines etc.) that enables them to effectively use the platform while adhering to best practices. The COE promotes collaboration, provides guidance on app development and governance, simplifies the application lifecycle management process, and ensures data security and compliance.

This results in increased productivity, improved data analysis, better decision-making, and faster innovation.

BUSINESS OUTCOMES • Security, administration & governance - Managing security and data loss prevention with conditional access, and continuous monitoring • Drive efficiency with automation - Enabling business users to build solutions, supporting them with operational readiness, and ensuring best practice adoption to scale • Support and inspire - Empowering citizen developers to innovate by sharing the art of the possible, driving reusability, and providing lifecycle support

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